Ladies of 798 continue their amazing charity work

Ladies of 798 continue their amazing charity work

Ladies of 798 logo

Ladies of 798 was created in 2007 at the Pipeline Convention in Scottsdale, Ariz. 

Norma Kay Hendrix and Nicole Barnett spearheaded the idea, but Hendrix pointed out that everyone was supportive, including the men and too many spouses to count. The original team, which included men, was committed to making a difference in the lives of Local 798, Tulsa, Okla., members and the communities where they worked. 

The group’s first project was a cookbook, and they started working on making the Pipeliners Local 798 Memorial Wall, situated behind Union Hall, a reality. The Memorial Wall is a beautiful tribute to those who have lost their lives on the job or traveling to and from a job. 

The group kicked off their first volunteer projects in Angleton, Texas, on the Brazoria Interstate Gas job and they delivered their donations to the St. Thomas Ministry. 

They began to refer to their projects as “good works.”

The Ladies of 798 cookbook reads, “Our vision is to lend a helping hand and assist people in living healthier and happier lives through our investments in the communities we serve, utilizing technology, information, public forums, outreach programs and education.” 

Fast-forward to 2024, and the mission has not changed. For years, the members of Ladies of 798 have created various charity events to raise money for worthwhile causes. They have a Benefit Auction in April that takes place on Wednesday night during Steward School at the Local 798 Training Center. 

Baskets are donated by organizations and individuals, and the proceeds are divided amongst various local worthy causes. 

The 2023 Benefit Auction Charity recipients were Braydon House, Presley’s Produce, Clarke Youth Theatre Penguin Project, Harvesting Hope Recovery, Inc. and Tulsa Metro Women on Fire. 

Some of the auction proceeds also helped fund several non-profits, including Ladies of 798, MD Anderson Cancer Center and St. Judes. Ongoing drives include eyeglasses for the Lions Club, various old keys for Autism Awareness, pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House, cell phones for our American Soldiers and women’s business suits for Hope Cottage. 

The Ladies of 798 are looking forward to the 2024 Benefit Auction. The 2024 recipients, which were voted on during a meeting in January, will be Clark Youth Theatre Penguin Project, Harvesting Hope Recovery, Inc., New Hope Refuge, Tulsa Metro Women on Fire and Presley’s Produce. 

The Ladies of 798 Sisterhood 

Ladies of 798 offer an opportunity for good works and create fellowship amongst the families of pipeliners near and far. 

“I love the Ladies of 798 because of what we represent, a group of ladies volunteering their time and resources for the benefit of others,” Ladies of 798 President Kelly Dick said. “I love giving back to our communities and trying to make a positive difference in someone’s life.”

Ladies of 798 Vice President Shawna Crabtree said her 798 family means the world to her and they all represent all that is good – honor, loyalty and family. 

“What I have always loved about the Ladies of 798 is that everyone comes together to fulfill a need and it doesn’t matter what the need is; Ladies of 798 do good deeds, give generously and volunteer to make sure that need is met,” Ladies of 798 Secretary Carrie Johnson said. 

Paula Harris, Ladies of 798 Treasurer, loves being a part of the Ladies of 798 because they all come together as a family and are willing to share, love and give a helping hand when and wherever needed.

Board Members Sonya Hall, Chelsi Seale, and Stephanie Gaines agree. 

Hall said the ladies who make up the Ladies of 798 are such a blessing to have as friends and she’s proud to call them her 798 family. 

“I love the Ladies of 798 because they are simply some of the best women you will ever meet. We have a shared history and friendship because of our lives on the pipeline,” Gaines said. “These ladies go out of their way to make the world around them a better place.”