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Our Culture of Safety

Every member of the United Association has a fundamental
right to safety and health on the job.

Our Culture of Safety

We believe that every member of the United Association has a fundamental right to safety and health on the job. That means coming home at the end of a workday in good health and free from injury. It also means that we look out for each other on the job.

Our culture of safety is value-based and people-centered, where people are a solution to be harnessed, not a problem to be solved. This means creating a workplace where people are free to speak up, to identify safety concerns with the intent of preventing accidents and injuries.

UA members are committed to working safely and never compromising this core value. They take pride in working safely. We actively care for one another’s safety and we never take shortcuts. The United Association offers extensive training, not just for apprentices but for journey workers as well. Our commitment to safety on the job is a lifelong obligation.

The UA’s Standard for Safety is our formal expression of safety as our core value, and it includes a commitment from our contractors as well as project owners.

Built on Excellence

The UA’s Built on Excellence initiative has three important standards as its foundation: Excellence, Productivity and Safety.

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and Training

At the UA we have internationally recognized training programs for Welder, HVACR Service Technician, Plumber, Pipefitter or Sprinkler Fitter. Whichever career you choose, you will earn college credits and a competitive wage while you work. Our instructors use state-of-the-art facilities and methods to guarantee each UA member the highest quality training and education.
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