Education and Training

Certification Programs

UA certifications are recognized throughout the building industry and
trades. Our certification programs ensure that our members have been
trained in the latest techniques and are familiar with the most current
standards. When you obtain a UA certification, contractors and employers
will know that you are a highly-trained professional tradesperson.

Certification Programs

Our certification programs are overseen and validated by objective third parties. They allow you to become certified in a wide range of areas–anything from welding inspector to backflow technician. A UA certification guarantees that you are a knowledgeable, productive and safe addition to any workforce. The UA’s certification programs are a large part of our continuous commitment to your lifelong training and education.

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UA Certifications

Some of the certifications available to UA members include:

  • UA Welder Certification – within this certification there are currently 84 different UA Weld Tests.
  • UA/NCCCO Crane Signalperson Certification
  • UA Green Professional Building Skills Certificate Program (GPRO-UA)
  • UA/MCAA Foreman Certification
  • UA/EPRI Industrial Rigging Certification
  • UA/EPRI Valve Technician Certification Program
  • UA/EPRI Instrumentation Technician Certification Program
  • AWS™ Certified Welding Inspector
  • UA Energy Audit Certification
  • UA/ASSE Backflow Certification
  • UA OSHA Certification
  • UA Medical Gas Technician Certification Program
  • EPA Section 608 Technician Certification Program
  • UA Nuclear Mechanic Program
  • Authorized Testing Representative
  • UA Plastic Piping Installer
  • UA Non-Destructive Testing
    • MT-Magnetic Particle Testing
    • PT-Liquid Penetrant Testing
    • UT-Thickness Measurement Testing
  • UA STAR Certification
    • HVACR Service Technicians
    • Plumbers
    • Pipefitters
    • Sprinkler Fitters