Education and Training

At the UA, training and education are at the core of everything we do. Whether training new apprentices or providing advanced programs for journey workers, UA members participate in state-of-the-art training programs. These include specialized processes, accelerated welding training, management courses, certification programs, college degree programs and so much more. By facilitating the training needs of our members, we maximize their employability and prepare them for our ever-changing industry. At the UA, training is a lifelong benefit given to all of our members.

Education and Training

Our journey-level training includes various ongoing upgrade training in foremanship, rigging, welding, medical gas installation, backflow testing, inspection, instrumentation and upgrades in response to new technologies. See a list of our certification programs here.

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Become an Apprentice

In 1936, The United Association’s joint apprenticeship program was the first nationally registered program recognized by the Department of Labor in the United States. Over the many decades since, UA training has evolved into a sophisticated and comprehensive program of classroom, workshop and on-the-job training. This high-tech, cutting-edge training ensures that apprentices who complete the five-year program will have a career path that provides good wages, generous benefits, and opportunities that range from project management to owning their own business.

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Certification Programs

Certifications ensure that not only are specific UA skills validated, but members are able to be more competitive in the field and more valuable to our contractors.

Programs for Veterans

Veterans welcomed into the UA will discover opportunities for a lifelong career, not just a job.

Resources for Parents and Counselors

Parents, teachers and school counselors play a vital role in the success of their children and students. The UA has many resources to help these influencers fully understand the advantages and benefits of a UA membership.

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