Skills, quality, craftsmanship, safety and productivity make the UA a leader in the construction and service industries critical to a secure, modern, healthy world. This is why those who know the industry insist on using UA craft personnel.  The evidence is there when you know where to look.

The Most Reliable Craft Labor Supply Source: Without question, every UA Local Union provides the most secure, reliable source of craft labor available in any market.

Essential Service in Vital Industries: The work of the UA is essential to our quality of life and to building a high-tech economy that is the envy of the world.

Mastering Emerging Markets & New Technology:

Helping Project Owners Win on All Fronts: The UA helps owners meet the most critical craft labor demand, including special project staffing requirements and unique/site-specific training.  We also provide major assistance to owners on critical government affairs issues, from town halls to state capitals to the White House.

Community Partners/Community Champions:  UA Local Unions provide some of the best jobs, training and benefits in the community, along with being very active in charity efforts and other community initiatives.