Our Projects / Markets We Serve

Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR)

Our HVACR Service Technicians install, maintain and repair all sizes and types of heating, cooling and ventilation systems for residential and industrial facilities. UA members also install and maintain refrigeration systems in supermarkets, schools and other facilities. Many of these facilities have critical requirements for the storage and transport of food, medicine and other perishable commodities.

HVACR Mechanics Are in High Demand

The demand for HVACR Service Technicians is growing, and the UA is committed to providing the most highly skilled technicians in the industry. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that demand for these skilled workers will grow 13 percent between now and 2028. Our certified technicians can be found throughout North America performing quality service and maintenance in commercial, industrial and residential facilities.

Our HVACR training programs consist of intensive coursework and hands-on experience in air conditioning, refrigeration, heat, combustion process, soldering, brazing, electrical theory, electrical motors, HVACR controls, refrigerant handling, safety and customer relations. During training, students earn industry-recognized certifications, including UA 51 Brazing certification, 410 A certification, OSHA 30-hour certification, CFC certification, and CPR certification.

Bringing Comfort to the People

HVACR Service Technicians are skilled tradespeople whose knowledge and expertise means comfort for our citizens. These UA members install and maintain HVACR systems in facilities of every size and complexity all across North America. These members work year around and will remain in great demand for the foreseeable future.

HVACR Service Technicians are also essential when it comes to energy efficiency. The design and installation of sustainable systems in our buildings and homes is just the starting point of sustainability. If a building or home is to remain “green over time,” it must be maintained and serviced by workers who understand the latest in sustainable technologies. From installation and startup, to scheduled or emergency service and LEED accreditation, UA HVACR Service Technicians are involved at every stage in the construction and maintenance of industrial, commercial or residential facilities.

MSCA’s strong partnership with the UA provides members with numerous mutually beneficial labor/management initiatives that promote a positive working relationship. MSCA and the UA work together to provide:

  • The National Service and Maintenance Agreement which addresses the unique needs of the service industry while recognizing and supporting locally negotiated wages and conditions
  • A state-of-the-art HVACR Training Program which prepares service technicians with all the skills they need to analyze, service, maintain and repair today’s high-tech and complex HVACR equipment
  • A means to measure the competency and skill levels of our members through the UA STAR certification program
  • An MSCA STAR Contractor Qualification program which supports our training programs and UA STAR while recognizing the best contractors in the industry

Where We Work

HVACR Service Technicians work in many different facilities, providing for varied and interesting work.

  • Residential – heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality; water heaters; appliances
  • Commercial – central chiller and boiler plants; comfort heating and cooling; building automation and controls
  • Heavy industrial – ammonia refrigeration; process refrigeration systems