Mark McManus, General President

Patrick H. Kellett, General Secretary-Treasurer

Michael A. Pleasant, Assistant General President

James P. Moss, Executive Vice President



Patrick M. Dolan
District 1 Vice-President
Kenneth J. Broadbent
District 2 Vice-President
Daniel C. Hendrix
District 3 Vice-President
Steven S. Breitlow
District 4 Vice-President
Stanley M. Smith
District 5 Vice-President
Steven Morrison
District 6 Vice-President



Christopher A. Haslinger
Administrative Assistant to the General President
Bradley M. Karbowsky
Administrative Assistant to the General President
Terence N. Snooks
Administrative Assistant to the General President/ Canada
David L. Barnett
Director of Pipeline and Gas Distribution
Thomas G. Bigley
Director of Plumbing Services
Virgil "Ed" Boone
Director of Trade Jurisdiction


Anthony Gallagher
Director of HVACR Service
Robert Lamb
Director of Information and Technology
Brett McCoy
Director of Metal Trades
Michael P. Mulvaney
Director of Energy and Infrastructure
James Pavesic
Director of Education and Training
James E. Tucker
Director of Organizing and Recruitment