Veterans in Piping (VIP): JBLM Welding & HVACR Graduations


Today, 17 welding students and 8 HVACR students graduate from the Veterans in Piping (VIP) Program at Joint Base Lewis-McChord after completing weeks of accelerated training.

This is the 10th welding class and 9th HVACR class to graduate at JBLM. Each graduate goes on to continue their training as apprentices in UA Local Unions while working for signatory contractors. Special thanks to the instructors for their commitment to helping these 25 veterans start their journey towards lasting careers as members of the United Association.

The VIP Program has trained nearly 300 veterans from the Welding & HVACR programs at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington State since 2013.

The VIP Program offers high-quality skills training and jobs in the pipe trades to active duty military personnel preparing to leave the service. Participants in the program receive 18 weeks of accelerated skills training in either welding, HVACR or sprinklerfitting, and earn industry-recognized certifications and college credit as part of their training. Upon graduation, participants gain direct entry into UA apprenticeship programs, which are recognized in the industry as the best in the business.

The program is currently being offered at Camp Lejeune (NC), Camp Pendleton (CA), Joint Base Lewis-McChord (WA), Fort Carson (CO), Fort Hood (TX), Fort Campbell (KY), and Fort Sill (OK).


Joint Base Lewis-McChord - Welding (Class 10)

JBLM Welding 10

Joint Base Lewis-McChord - HVACR (Class 9)