UA Rolls Out New Water Quality Program


The MSCA Education Conference is underway in Huntington Beach, CA where the UA Water Quality Program (WQP) was introduced during a workshop attended by many MSCA contractors and UA members. This is a true labor/management initiative to provide risk assessment for all piped systems.

WQP Program Manager and UA International Representative Kurt Steenhoek along with UA Training Specialist Rich Benkowski and Chris Carter from Murphy Company led a discussion to inform the group about the added value of UA technicians from every craft working to protect the health of the nations’ water systems.

North America’s water delivery infrastructure requires major improvements and, in many cases, replacement. This critical need impacts all water sources, pipes, faucets, heating and cooling systems, and fire protection systems. Over the next decade the business opportunities are many for water quality management and remediation services.

Healthcare will be the first target for the launch of the UA Water Quality Program. The Department of Health and Human Services acting thru the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) identified that every piped system in a healthcare and skilled nursing facility is a risk for “Legionella and other pathogens” in the environment of care for the patient. The UA Water Quality Program will prepare signatory contractors and UA members to deliver fundamental services for compliance of the CMS mandate.

For More Information Contact WQP Program Manager - UA International Representative Kurt Steenhoek at

Pictured above are UA General Secretary-Treasurer Pat Kellett, UA International Representative Kurt Steenhoek, Chris Carter from Murphy Company and Russ Borst from Hurst Mechanical.