Thank you for your Courage & Bravery Brother Stephen Willeford


The horrific shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas is beyond comprehension. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of the victims of this unspeakable act of violence. We commend the men who sprang into action to save the lives of others. The neighbor of the church, Stephen Willeford, who armed himself to confront the shooter and the driver who helped him follow the gunman showed acts of outstanding bravery. Stephen Willeford is also a UA member of Local 142 in San Antonio and we could not be prouder of him. UA General President Mark McManus said of Brother Willeford, “On behalf of 345,000 members I think I can safely say all of our members collectively are most proud of the courage shown by our UA brother Local Union 142's plumber Steven Willeford. His actions epitomize the foundation of brotherhood. We understand and respect Steve’s feeling that he is not a hero but the town of Sutherland Springs and our entire nation are eternally grateful for his bravery and selflessness.”  Brother Willeford’s Business Manager Mark Potter added, “Steve is a great Union member and a very talented plumber, he is hard working and respected by all members of UA Local 142, not only for his craftsmanship and work ethic but also for his charity to the community over the years. Steve told me he doesn’t consider himself a hero but everyone here at Local 142 think he is!”