Congratulations and Welcome to Our New United Association Business Managers


Congratulations and welcome to our new United Association Business Managers. We are grateful for their service and looking forward to working with each of them on the goals and mission of the UA.

Local    First Name    MI   Last Name       City   


11 Andrew   R Campeau Duluth MN US
22 Sean   Redden Buffalo NY US
23 Timothy E Huff Rockford IL US
43 Larry A Morrison Chattanooga TN US
44 Brett J Wideman Spokane WA US
56 Darren C Muise Halifax NS Canada
71 Angus   Maisonneuve Ottawa/Hull ON Canada
74 Michael B Hackendorn Wilmington DE US
111 Dean P Gutzman Escanaba MI US
112 Daniel E Crocker Binghamton NY US
140 John W Stevenson Salt Lake City UT US
262 Gene C Bay Juneau AK US
290 Lou A Christian Portland OR US
300 Brad   Blotsky North/South Dakota        ND/SD US
364 Bryan D Smith Colton CA US
367 Aaron C Plikat Anchorage AK US
393 Steven P Flores San Jose CA US
417 Trinidad J Uribe III Minneapolis MN US
434 Todd   Bencke Central/Western WI WI US
436 Gregory P Stewart Pascagoula MS US
441 Brian R Burnett Wichita KS US
464 Bradley B Bird Omaha NE US
502 Anthony S Lewis Louisville KY US
542 Kevin P Criswell Pittsburgh PA US
572 Eric H Coons Nashville TN US
740 Robert O Fiander St. Johns NL Canada
788 Dwight A Goodwin Portsmouth NH US
851 James H Baugus Jr. Hopewell VA US