About UA Training

The mission of the UA Education and Training Department is to equip United Association local unions with educational resources for developing the skills of their apprentices and journeypersons. By facilitating the training needs of the membership, we maximize their employability and prepare them for changes in the industry. We are committed to making training opportunities available across North America, allowing members to acquire new skills and remain competitive in the industry regardless of geography. In this way, we are determined to meet the needs of the piping industry and enhance employment opportunities for our members, while remaining fiscally responsible to the beneficiaries of the International Training Fund, which is jointly administered by the UA and our contractor partners.

Our training programs are recognized as the very best in the industry. We offer various programs benefitting our members, contractors and owners:

  • Instructor Training Program: The UA’s well-respected and highly effective college accredited program of instructor education.
  • Certification Programs: Our certifications guarantee our contractors and users that the craftsmen they hire have been tested and meet the highest standards.
  • Technical & Equipment Support: We provide local unions with a vast resource of technical support personnel and training equipment.
  • Accelerated Welder Training: This program is an 18-week intensive curriculum that prepares members to be certified in specific welding procedures.  This is rigorous training that produces skilled welders in a short amount of time, which is what the industry is demanding.  Upon completion, these welders pursue additional training through the UA to enhance and expand their skills. 
  • College Degree Program: All UA members are eligible to earn college degrees as part of their training. Members can choose from a wide variety of degrees.
  • Construction Supervision: UA members who wish to move into a construction management position can become certified supervisors. 


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