United Association Online Learning Resources

The United Association Online Learning Resources (UAOLR) system provides common curricula for all five of the trades in the piping industry; our system was designed to support and enhance training by sharing resources. These resources consist of various methods to train instructors by utilizing distance education, such as webinars, regional training courses at onsite locations, and internet-based classes using Blackboard.

UAOLR allows access for local union training centers to offer specialized courses, enabling instructors to provide training on specialized equipment (such as advanced welding machines) and our mobile training units allow for mobile instruction in technologies and practices in a number of fields, including green technology, HVACR and plumbing.

UAOLR also provides a portal where our instructors can access and download e-Learning resources through our Instructor Resources Library (IRL). The IRL provides UA Instructors with instructor’s guides to the UA’s textbooks, PowerPoint presentations, exams, quizzes and multi-media training materials. UAOLR offers a portal for UA students too: The Student Resources Library (SRL). Here a student can study and take quick quizzes, and sample exams to bring their skills up prior to taking an exam at their school. The SRL also allows students to access illustrated glossaries, flash cards, media and documents.

We are proud of the resources and tools we are able to provide UA instructors and apprentices through UAOLR. Whether in a brick and mortar school or via distance education, UAOLR is leading the way in the piping industry today.


To access UAOLR, visit: http://www.uaolr.org/