Fire Protection Mobile Training Trailer Will Be In Service This June


Fire sprinklers are a proven way to protect lives and property against fire. They are the only proactive form of fire protection that can contain and often extinguish fires before they spread, providing occupants with the time they need to get out, and first responders the time they need to safely enter the structure.

The UA’s new fire protection trailer, which made its debut at this year’s Pipe Trades Training Conference, will help meet our ongoing demand to train our members not only in brick and mortar schools, but in remote locations too. The fire protection trailer houses 12 mobile training modules that represent various types of fire protection systems, such as dry valve and pre-action systems, to name just a few, as well as a fire pump.

The mobile modules provide a resource for our instructors to conduct hands-on training on practically any type of wet fire protection system in use today. The fire protection trailer has been designed to complement training at any one of the 300-plus UA training centers or wherever that training may be needed throughout North America. The UA’s Training Department is committed to training its members with the latest technology available in fire protection.

The trailer will first be utilized this June when it travels to Fort Sill, Oklahoma to assist in the Veterans in Piping (VIP) Program recently established there.